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Mystery Box

Mystery Box by The Bottom of the Cup Tea Room

Classic Mystery Box: $19.29

Deluxe Mystery Box: $94.00

Prices inspired by our founding year, as well as how many years we’ve been in operation, these boxes are a gateway to wonder! Perfect for both newcomers to Bottom of the Cup and long-time enthusiasts, it's filled with surprises that blend mysticism with delight. You may find anything from shimmering crystals that whisper ancient secrets, to hand-crafted candles casting a warm, inviting glow. Perhaps a bespoke tarot deck will choose you, offering a glimpse into the future, or a piece of unique jewelry might weave its story with yours. And of course, no mystery from The Bottom of the Cup would be complete without a sample of our signature teas, each blend a sip of history and flavor.

These boxes aren’t just a collection of items; they’re a passage to a world of wonder.

A note on our curations: Every Mystery Box from The Bottom of the Cup Tea Room is curated with love and intent. While the contents remain a secret until you unveil them, we promise a harmonious blend of our best offerings. Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or simply a touch of magic, our Mystery Boxes are your personal gateway to the mystical and the marvelous.

Perfect For:

  • Gift-giving for the spiritually curious or the seasoned practitioner
  • Expanding your own collection of mystical treasures
  • Adding a touch of enchantment to your everyday life

Discover the magic within. Unbox a mystery today!

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