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Crystals have long been collected for their beauty and are widely believed to be associated with healing and metaphysical properties. Clear quartz and amethyst, for example, are associated with higher consciousness and psychic ability. Crystals are used as to help in meditation, as jewelry and in the home to attract and amplify the associated energies. quartz crystalsPure quartz often contains other atoms that impart color, such as manganese, which gives amethyst it's shades of purple and lavender color. Different crystals are often associated with a corresponding chakra by color; purple and clear quartz with the brow and / or crown chakra for example.

We stock crystal balls, points, jewelry, carvings and small polished stones. Shop online - however, not everything is posted. If you don't see what you want, give us a call at 1-800-729-7148 or email us as we may well have it in the store.

We carry a large selection of unique items at Bottom of the Cup including stone carved boxes, figurines, pyramids, etc., all carved form a variety of minerals and semi-precious stone. We stock feng shui essentials, metaphysical books, and pendulums. We have a great selection of Tarot Decks, incense and burners, metaphysical and fashion jewelry. We have hundreds of hand picked crystals and crystal balls you can think of, all of superb quality.


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