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We invite you to experience the tradition and visit us at
327 Chartres St. in the French Quarter to have a reading, browse or just say hi.

Since 1929, Bottom of the Cup has established a reputation as being the place for the most reliable and authentic psychic readings in New Orleans. “A True New Orleans Tradition”, Bottom of the Cup has been offering the services of the nation’s top Professional Psychics for over 90 years. The combination of our years of experience, our caring professional staff, and the relaxing ambiance of our store assures you that your psychic reading from Bottom of the Cup will be one to remember.

Historically The French Quarter has been the shopping center of New Orleans, often being referred to as The Oldest Mall in America. After a hard day of shopping, ladies would take a well deserved break and visit Bottom of the Cup Tea Room for a soothing cup of tea. As they finished their tea the psychic would visit their table and read the tea leaves in the bottom of the cup, hence our name, “The Bottom of the Cup Tea Room”.

Our Psychics 

We take pride in our Professional Staff, renowned psychic “Otis” has been with us for more than 30 years. In this Picture Otis is performing a reading using Tarot Cards. He also reads Tea Leaves, Playing Cards and Palm or he can perform purely Psychic Readings using his naturally profound Psychic Ability. Otis has been featured in numerous print and media specials with topics ranging from the serious forecast of the economy, to the light hearted entertaining forecast performed on the TV Special, “Little Couple”. Otis is but one of Bottom of the Cup’s staff, all of our Professional Psychics have been chosen for their uncanny ability which assures you a great Psychic Reading. Make your visit to The French Quarter complete by visiting Bottom of the Cup and have a Psychic Reading that you will remember for a lifetime!

Hear from the Tarot King of New Orleans, himself