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Grand Isle Genmaicha (Pyramid Tea Bags)

Formerly known as Japan Genmaicha Yamasaki

Japanese Green Tea

Country of Origin: Japan
Region: Shizuoka Prefecture 
Shipping Port: Yokohama 
Grade: Genmaicha 
Altitude: 500 - 1500 ft. above sea level 
Manufacture Type: Streamed green tea 
Cup Characteristics: Light brownish yellow liquor with toasty flavour, tending sweet. 
Infusion: Tending bright with toasted rice kernels 
Ingredients: Luxury green tea, Roasted rice.

Caffeine Content: Low

Indulge in the nutty and comforting flavors of Grand Isle Genmaicha, a Japanese tea made from green tea leaves and toasted brown rice. This unique blend is known for its toasty aroma and satisfyingly smooth taste, perfect for a cozy night in or a relaxing afternoon break.

Pyramid teabags are biodegradable. Each tea bag makes two cups.

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