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Flambeaux Fukujyu

Japanese Green Tea

Country of Origin: Japan
RegionShizuoka Prefecture 
Shipping Port: Shimuzu 
Grade: Superior Sencha 
Altitude: 400 - 1500 ft. above sea level 
Manufacture Type: Steamed and pan fired green tea 
Cup Characteristics: Pale greenish yellow color combined with strength and fresh green tea aroma 
Infusion: Infused leaf is bright green 
Ingredients: Luxury green tea

Caffeine Content: Low

Introducing Flambeaux Fukujyu, the green tea that ignites your taste buds just as the flambeaux illuminates your favorite Carnival parades! This sencha tea is made from young, tender shoots that are carefully steamed, rolled, and pan-fired to produce the distinctive vegetal and grassy notes that are characteristic of Japan's finest teas.

Category: Green Tea

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