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Gill Tarot

The Gill Tarot, with stunning full pictorial art by Elizabeth Josephine Gill, enables readers to access and examine reflections of the subconscious through vivid symbolism.

The deck is based on the kabbalistic Tree of Life, which is pictured on the card backs. The numbered Minor Arcana cards correspond to the ten spheres of the Tree of Life and the colors correspond to the suits. The deck follows the structure of the Thoth tarot system, and features keywords on the cards. Much of the imagery in the deck is drawn from passages in classical religious literature. The 48-page booklet explains the symbolism and the divinatory meanings of each card.

ISBN 978- 0-88079-449-7
Size 78 cards, measure: 3.125” x 4.25”
Language: English
Author Elizabeth Josephine Gill

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