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Dragon Moon Black Tea

Special Blend

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka, India
Region: Assam, Darjeeling
Shipping Port: Colombo, Calcutta
Grade: FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe)
Altitude: 1800 ft, 5700 ft. above sea level
Manufacture Type: Orthodox 
Cup Characteristics:Full bodied tea with point and flavor. Notes of muscatel from 1st flush Darjeeling.
Infusion: Bright with “golden ring” not unlike a full harvest moon.
Ingredients: Luxury black tea

The practice of employing poetic or picturesque names to tea varieties is “steeped” in history. Merchants named their blends to distinguish them from competing blends and to create brand awareness, (18th century marketing concepts that hold true today). They did this by combining special teas from various regions of the world to create “classic” cups of tea. The originality of each blend is a result of a careful alchemy - the tea master attempting to turn green into gold. The ultimate acceptance and test to the early tea masters was their contemporaries copying their blends - or if in a tasting session, a series of positive grunts that were intended to be interpreted as good. These blends very quickly became the signature or standard of exotic parties when hostesses would entertain their guests in grand style - typically on grandiose lawns or on sweeping verandahs.

The Dragonmoon blend is based on a classic blend, which combines:

  • Assam - a delicious second flush tea (only produced during June when the weather conditions are ’just right’) with all the maltiness and smooth characteristics that the world has come to expect of the best Assams.
  • Darjeeling - a first flush high grown Darjeeling from the estate Soom with mysterious and magical muscatel character.
  • Dimbula Ceylon - a February production Dimbula (February is when the Dimbula region peaks in quality) from estate Hatton displaying the coppery depth and flavor of an exceptional Ceylon.

This ‘ménage a trois’ has personality and character, yet does not overwhelm. Dragonmoon has the strength and regal character of the dragon yet matched with the luminous quality of an early evening full moon (as seen in the color on the resulting brew). We recommend this tea as a lovely after dinner tea or a midday refresher. You will find the intriguing flavor well suited to your palate.

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