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Pirates Booty Yerba Mate

Herbal Tea

Country of Origin: Brazil
Region: Southern Brazil - state of Parana and Mato Grosso 
Shipping Port: Porto Alegre
Grade: 1st 
Altitude: below 1000 feet
Manufacture Type: Unroasted 
Cup Characteristics: Greenish and vegetative. Mate is rich in caffeine and was used as a caffeine beverage in Latin America before the advent of coffee.
Infusion: Tending light and yellowish 
Ingredients: Luxury green mate.

Caffeine Content: Medium

Ahoy mateys, get ready to set sail on a flavor adventure with our Pirates Booty Yerba Mate! This South American treasure is packed with caffeine and nutrients to keep you energized through the roughest of seas. Savor the bold and earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness, perfect for a pirate's palate.

Category: botanical, herbal

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