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Morning Miracle

Special Blend

Country of Origin: India, Sri Lanka 
Region: Assam, Dimbula
Shipping Port: Haldia, Colombo
Grade: FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) 
Altitude: 1500 ft up to 7200 ft. above sea level 
Manufacture Type: Orthodox
Cup Characteristics: Brisk bright lively liquor that fills your mouth with a sweet nuttiness.
Infusion: Coppery bright a light golden hue.
Ingredients: Luxury black tea

When day breaks and you struggle to get your eyes open it sometimes seems that only a miracle will result in any mental responsiveness. We aim not only to provide a blend worthy of wakefulness, but also to inspire excitement when you come to the realization of the wonderment in your cup. This composition is almost poetic when married with the milk & sugar in the traditional style of nabobs. On its own, the liquor is majestic and its grand profile offers a sublime moment when you can enjoy the peace and pace you set in your first light of the day. Cold winter mornings are much warmer if you hold your cup in both hands and quaff the invigorating drink to take the chill out of your bones. Once stimulated you can take on the day and a few more cups can keep you in step right up until the moon rises - some days that’s a miracle onto itself. Miracles are possible - TEA LEAF IT!!!!

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