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Queen Bee

Rooibos Herbal Tea

Country of Origin: South Africa
Region: Cederberg
Shipping Port: Cape Town 
Grade: Choice Grade #1
Altitude: 1500-2500 feet above sea level
Manufacture Type: Fermentation turns the leaves from green to deep red and gives a slightly sweet note.
Cup Characteristics: Rooibos accentuates the naturally sweet character of honey. Delicious finish.
Infusion: Reddish orange to full color (depends on brewing time and quantity used) 
Ingredients: Luxury rooibos, Chamomile, Calendula petals, Natural flavors 

Caffeine Content: None

Score a touchdown with every sip of Black and Gold tea, where the irresistible allure of honey-infused Cederberg Rooibos meets the soothing essence of chamomile, creating a winning blend that will have your taste buds cheering like the New Orleans Saints fans on game day. Experience the true essence of sweetness in this tea, as it paints your cup with flavors as golden as the team's legacy.

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