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Crescent City Chamomile (Pyramid Tea Bags)

(Matricaria Recutita) 
Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

Country of Origin: Egypt 
Region: Nile River Delta
Shipping Port: Alexandria 
Grade: 1st 
Altitude: below 500 feet 
Manufacture Type: Field grown, sundried
Cup Characteristics: Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavor. 
Infusion: Tending light and yellowish 
Ingredients: Luxury Egyptian chamomile

Sip away the day and drift off to sleep with Crescent City Chamomile, a soothing blend that captures the essence of sleepy southern nights in New Orleans. Infused with natural flavors and delicate chamomile flowers, this caffeine-free tea offers a sweet and calming aroma that will ease your mind and spirit.

Pyramid tea bags are biodegradable. 

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