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Herbes de Provence (Pyramid Tea Bags)

Rooibos Tea

Ingredients: Luxury Rooibos Tea, Rosehip, Elderberry & Blueberry Pieces, Lavender & Rose petals, along with Natural Flavors

Cup Color: Reddish orange to full color

Caffeine Content: None

Ah, the French countryside - rolling hills, fragrant lavender fields, and charming villages. While we may not all have the chance to hop on a plane and experience it firsthand, we can still indulge in the flavors of Provence with this luxury rooibos tea. Packed with the healthful goodness of rosehip, elderberry, and blueberry pieces, along with the fragrant petals of lavender and rose, each sip is like a mini vacation for the senses.

Pyramid teabags are biodegradable. Each tea bag makes two cups.

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