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Let It Glow (Pyramid Teabags)

Wellness Herbal Tea

Ingredients: Ginger, Turmeric Root, Carrot+ Beet + Pineapple Pieces, Calendula, Natural Flavors (Organic Compliant)

Cup Color: Tending orange with yellow highlights

Caffeine Content: None

Elevate your skin care routine with Let It Glow, a nourishing blend of natural ingredients that’ll leave you radiant and luminous. Specially crafted with ginger, turmeric, beet, and pineapple, this tea is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that support healthy skin. With its sunny flavor, Let It Glow is the perfect way to give your body the TLC it deserves.

Pyramid teabags are biodegradable. Each tea bag makes two cups.

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