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Ginger Bounce Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Herbal Tea

(Rooibos means RED BUSH in Afrikaans)

Country of Origin: South Africa
Region: Cederberg
Shipping Port: Cape Town 
Grade: Choice Grade #1
Altitude: 1500-2500 feet above sea level
Manufacture Type: Fermentation turns the leaves from green to deep red and gives a slightly sweet note.
Cup Characteristics:Bright clean taste with superb ginger notes. Has a palate refreshing character combined with a fruity touch of spice.
Infusion: Reddish orange to full color (depends on brewing time and quantity used) 
Ingredients: Luxury rooibos, Calendula petals, Ginger pieces, Natural flavors.

Ginger, (Latin: Zingiber officinale), is one of the oldest known spices in the world.

The sharp flavored root has its roots, pardon the pun, in both India and China, but gets its name from an ancient Indian Sanskrit term stringa-vera, which translates into English as “body like a horn”. The spice is mentioned in the works of Confucious, the Koran, and various European Medieval cook-books. Ginger grew in popularity because it kept for a long time and was able to survive long trading voyages. The spice subsequently became a frequently traded commodity and at one point was usually offered along with salt and pepper. Now don’t worry, we haven’t unearthed, again sorry the pun, a centuries old storehouse of ginger for this tea - we’ve used a freshly grown variety. And what a tea it is! Blended with the mellow character of South African Rooibos and hints of fruit, the ginger lifts spicy notes that warm the mouth and cleanse the palate. (Incidentally, its palate cleansing qualities make it an excellent alternative to green tea when eating spicy Asian dishes.)

200 ml (about 7 ounces) of brewed Rooibos contains the following nutrients: 
Iron (Fe)- Essential for transport of oxygen in the blood - 0.07 mg 
Potassium (K) - Assists certain metabolic functions - 7.12 mg 
Calcium (Ca) - Necessary for strong teeth and bones - 1.09 mg 
Copper (Cu) - Assists certain metabolic processes - 0.07 mg 
Zinc (Zn)- Necessary for normal growth and development of healthy skin - 0.04 mg 
Magnesium (Mg) - Promotes a healthy nervous system and other metabolic processes - 1.57 mg 
Fluoride (F) - Necessary for strong teeth and bones - 0.22 mg 
Manganese (Mn) - Assists metabolic processes and bone growth and development - 0.04 mg 
Sodium (Na) - Necessary for fluid and acid-base balance - 6.16 mg 

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