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Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

Country of Origin: Thailand
Region: Sing Buri
Shipping Port: Bangkok 
Grade: 1st 
Altitude: Under 500 ft. above sea level
Manufacture Type: Field grown
Cup Characteristics: A sweet lemon taste profile, often used in teas to impart a lemon character without the tangy flavor.
Infusion: Bright, pale infusion
Ingredients: Luxury lemongrass

Lemongrass. Open a packet of lemongrass, (Latin: Cymbopogon flexuosus) and inhale its subtle yet complex aroma. This perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia is noted for its lemony scent and ginger undertones. Its lemon character is due to a high concentration of citral, its main biological component. While lemongrass is commercially grown from China to Paraguay, our offering comes from Thailand, the country which it is most commonly associated with.

Although most people in the west think of Thailand as simply a beautiful travel and tourism destination, the economy of the country is largely based on agriculture. Of Thailand's roughly 65 million people, 64% are engaged in agriculture with roughly 5.2 million farming families. Most of these families run small subsistance operations. In recent years however, the Thai government has encouraged crop diversification as a way to help build a more sustainable agricultural economy. Among the crops they recommended was lemongrass. Why was lemongrass chosen?

Interestingly, the Thai government recognized that since millions of Thai nationals had emigrated to Western countries, and with Thai restaurants subsequently springing up everywhere from London, to Buenos Aires, to Milwaukee, lemongrass was effectively being marketed worldwide. They saw that the world over, the lemony flavour was being used to flavor everything from curry to Thai milk shakes. Lemongrass was practically selling itself!

Aside from its myriad uses as a culinary ingredient, the people of Thailand have for centuries prized the plant for its many purported medicinal uses. Thai folk remedies for ailments ranging from fevers to muscle cramp all use the herb as a base ingredient. As well, in Thailand, tea made from the plant is thought to calm the nerves, and restore the spirit. In our experience lemongrass can be brewed on its own, or used as an excellent additive to other blended teas. Try some today and experience an exotic taste of Southeast Asia.

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