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English Evening

Special Blend

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka, India, China
Region: Nuwara Eliya, Darjeeling; Fujian
Shipping Port: Colombo, Calcutta, Fuzhou
Grade: OP (Orange Pekoe) 
Altitude: 5600 ft, 7300 ft, 2500 ft. above sea level
Manufacture Type: Orthodox 
Cup Characteristics: Light bodied cup with good flavour and hint of muscatel.
Infusion: Light liquoring and bright infusion. 
Ingredients: Luxury black tea, Luxury green tea

The Nuwara Eliya (pronounced ‘nerilleeya’) and Dimbula district are among the top growing districts in Sri Lanka. During its peak season (Feb/Mar) these districts production is characterized by a delightful flavor that is astringent and bright. The best conditions for production are noted by cool nights, a sprinkling of rain in the evenings but generally dry weather and bright sunny days. These conditions force the tea bush to expend all its energies into the new growth, giving the tea its best flavor.

The Darjeeling district is in north central India, in foothills of the Himalayan mountains where the cool air, high altitude (above 5000 feet above sea level), unique soils and Chinese genus tea bush, combine to produce a wonderful tea with an intriguing muscatel character. The White Monkey Paw green tea (only made from the new shoots of the early spring growth during end March and early April) imparts a lightness and a visual ethereal character that is not possible with a black tea.

English Evening Tea is a tea that is full of flavour but with a light character that does not detract from the flavours of the evening meal. The tea will instill an urge to pour a second cup and promote conversation and discussion with guests or with your family. This special blend was given to us by a close friend whose family has been in the tea business for more than 150 years! It has been enjoyed by many in the British Isles (from the Duke of Earl to the cockneys of London) for well over 200 years and we are certain that you will find enjoyment in maintaining this tradition.

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